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Want to know how can I enrich my resume as a fresher

  • Anonymous User
  • 14 Oct, 2019

Hello sir, recently I have completed a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. I have not any working skills yet. To enrich my resume what kinds of keywords should I use? Please, suggest me.

 Answer from bdjobs Bdjobs Answer

Hello user, thanks for your query. As you have completed your Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, I hope there are a lot of practical learning you’ve received. So, you can enrich your CV with these skills from your educational learning-

1. Problem Solving. 2. Verbal and Written Communication Skills. 3. Creativity. 4. Teamwork. 5. Math Skills. 6. the ability to work under pressure. 7. Interpersonal skills.
8. Commercial Awareness.

All the best.


  • Ariful Islam
  • 10 Oct, 2020
  • 9:37:00 AM

Hello sir, I have completed a Diploma in medical assistant(Diploma in medical faculty). I have 7yrs working skills yet. To enrich my resume what kinds of keywords should I use? Please, suggest me.

  • Subrata Kumar Rahut
  • 16 Apr, 2020
  • 11:27:00 AM

Dear Sir/Madam, Let me introduce myself in a nutshell enabling you to assess my career. My service life started in Saudi Arabia in December 1991 with an American Company. I was there up to December 1999 and worked in Admin, General Service and HR as a Secretary. After that I came back to Bangladesh and worked with different renowned organizations. I worked with UNDP as an “Asset Management Expert” for 4 years and then worked with a World Bank funded project as an “Asset Management Consultant” for another 5 years. I was responsible for total Admin, General Service, logistic Support, Supply chain, Distribution, Warehousing and Inventory related issues of the Project. I have total 26 years of working experience which is divided into two fields; one is Admin, General Services & Logistic Support and the other one is Distribution, Warehousing & Inventory. Regards, Subrata Rampura, Dhaka

  • Subrata Kumar Rahut
  • 16 Apr, 2020
  • 11:05:00 AM

Dear Sir/Madam, I seek your valuable advice in getting a new job. I am trying to get a job for last 4 years, but failed. I don't know why? I read ins and outs of the advertisement then rebuild my Resume (if necessary) and then send the application. I always try to fulfill their requirements 100 percent. But no reply from the employer. My age is 50 plus, it might be a reason. Dear Sir/Madam, please advise what should I do now. My cell No. is 01718-039642 and e-mail is: You can also give me your contact number so as to communicate with you. Regards, Subrata Kumar Rahut Rampura, Dhaka

  • 2 Mar, 2020
  • 8:19:00 PM

sir what will I write in the subject box of mail.?and what will I write in the (write something) of mail box..