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  • Anonymous User
  • 4 Aug, 2019

I am working as a Freelance Web Developer. But I think I am tired to work from home and also not interested to join in any IT firm because I already have 2+ years of job experiences. I want to take some different taste.
I completed my BSc in Mathematics and Waiting for MSc result. So, I want to switch my career. What should be the best option for me?


 Answer from bdjobs Bdjobs Answer

Dear user, thanks for your question. For changing career track, you should take enough time to think about what you really want. Because the more you research, the better you will be able to take right decision. We can only provide some tips for your career switching like following-
1. Evaluate your current job to find out the reason of dissatisfaction.
2. You should research your alternative careers.
3. You should identify job opportunities of your chosen field.
4. You should upgrade & develop your skills for career transition.
5.Take courses, attend workshops or seminars which will help you to get suggestions for targeted field.
6. Besides, you can also consider a new job in sectors like data science, data analysis, research, teaching etc.
7. Also edit your CV and cover letter based on your new goals and elaborate your skills & passion for new industry.
All the best.


  • jahid
  • 13 Dec, 2020
  • 9:40:00 PM

please call me 01947718662