Online Job Posting/Announcement  
The announced/posted job vacancies will be displayed (for max. 30 days) in a particular job category (chosen by the employer at the time of job posting) at www.bdjobs.com
  • This will allow Job Seekers to apply online for the given job vacancy at bdjobs.com's site.
  • Employers will be able to receive job applications through internet.
  • Registered Employer will be given a customized inbox at bdjobs.com's site from where the employer will be able to exclusively view, scrutinize and print applications and resumes directed to given vacancy post.
9,00,000+ Registered Job Seekers
Online job announcement at Bdjobs.com can reach across more than 5,00,000 job seekers. the number is far higher than the reach of a single insertion of job announcement at any of the widely circulated national dailies.
10 times Cheaper
It is at least 10 times less costly than newspaper job advertisement.

10,000+ Corporate Users
More than 10,000+ organizations in the country regularly announce job vacancies at Bdjobs.com

Tk. 1,900 + VAT Tk. 86 for each job position(applicable VAT rate - 4.5%, applicable VAT head - web-listing)
Get 5% discount by paying online (by Debit/Credit card)
@ category/classified section for max. 30 days
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    Hot Job Announcement  
Home page link for your job announcement
Vacancy announcement for your organization is featured at the Hot Jobs section at Bdjobs.com home page/front page. Here organization logo and the list of jobs are placed with links with a customized job detail page. Maximum display time at home page: 10 days
Customized Job Detail Page
The Job Detail Page (linked with home page) can contain requirements, job responsibilities, a brief company profile, organization logo, corporate slogan/message etc. Bdjobs.com designs this page without additional fee.
Add-on Support (Optional for Employer)
  • Prospective candidates will be located from the Bdjobs.com online CV Bank (hosting 9,00,000+ CVs.) and notified them about the vacancy through e-mail.
  • Panel of recruitment expert of Bdjobs.com will shortlist a pool of CVs from online applications (if employer specifies to receive online application.) according to the specified recruitment criteria in the announced job position.
  • Application/CVs received through online will be provided (in Compact Disk media) at the end of application deadline. Bdjobs.com will provide printed hard copy of short listed CVs of applicants those will apply online.
1 Job Position : Tk. 7,500 + VAT Tk. 338**
2 Job Positions* : Tk. 5,250 + VAT Tk. 236 (for each job position)
3 - 5 Job Positions* : 4,250 + VAT Tk. 191 (for each job position)
More than 5 Job Positions* : Tk. 3,550 + VAT Tk. 160 (for each job position)
Get 5% discount by paying online (by Debit/Credit card)
(Add Tk. 2,500 for Application Short Listing by Recruitment Expert)
* Posted at a time, for each job position
** Applicable VAT rate - 4.5% applicable VAT head - web-listing
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  Corporate Membership  
Package - I
Employers will be able to post jobs as and when needed @ Bdjobs.com category jobs section for 1 year.
Package - II
  • Employers will be able to post jobs as and when needed @ Bdjobs.com category jobs section for 1 year.
  • Employer will get instant direct access to the online CV Bank of Bdjobs.com.
Package - I :
Tk. 25,000 + VAT Tk. 1,000 for Single Business Unit
Tk. 31,500 + VAT Tk. 1,260 for Multiple Business Unit

Package - II :
Tk. 37,500 + VAT Tk. 1,500 for Single Business Unit
Tk. 43,750 + VAT Tk. 1,750 for Multiple Business Unit
Get 5% discount by paying online (by Debit/Credit card)
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   Online CV Bank Access  
Online CV Bank Access gives you instant direct access to the largest database of professionals in Bangladesh.
  • No Intermediary to Contact Candidates
  • You can directly contact the prospective candidates who meet your job requirements.
  • Search for the right candidates by Professional group, Age group, years of experience, Educational or Professional qualification, Specific job sector/industry, Special skills or open 'key words'
Tk. 25,000 + VAT Tk. 1,000 for one year
(Tk.15,000 + VAT Tk. 600 for 6 Months; Tk. 9,000 + VAT Tk. 360 for 3 Months; Tk. 5,000 + VAT Tk. 200 for 1 Month(upto 5,000 CVs can be accessed within the period))
Get 5% discount by paying online (by Debit/Credit card)
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   Executive Search Service  
The recruitment related tasks (job announcement, application receiving, candidate short-listing and contact, interview, etc) makes the recruitment and selection process very lengthy for organizations with a small HR Department.
Let Bdjobs.com take the responsiblity of doing the tiresome recruitment tasks on behalf of you. We can locate for you the best talents in the market. With the largest active network across the job market (more than 9,00,000+ Cvs hosted online) and a panel of recruitment experts, Bdjobs.com offers the best professional Executive Search service in the market.
  • We define candidate profile according to your need.
  • We advertise at bdjobs.com & Receive applications.
  • We search from Online CV Bank & contact candidates.
  • We short-list from the prospective candidates.
  • We take interview & written test.
  • We select best 3-10 candidates for final selection.
Service charges will be fixed up based on the requirement of the Employer. Order Now
   Resume on Demand in 48 hours  
  As a part of this service, Bdjobs.com recruitment experts will sort and short-list a pool of CV's from Bdjobs.com Online CV Bank (hosting 9,00,000+ CVs) on the basis of specific job recruitments specified by client company. This premium service is especially helpful in situations where an organization needs to fill a position at very short notice.  
For each job position : Tk. 12,000 Order Now

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