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How to create a CV to get an interview call?

  • Anonymous User
  • 29 Jan, 2022

How to create a CV and how to get an interview call. Please tell me about?

 Answer from bdjobs Bdjobs Answer

Dear User, Thank you for your valuable question. You can create your CV on Bdjobs Website or mobile app. You can find step-by-step instructions in our create resume section. It will help you to build a strong CV. For more details, please Visit:

Create Resume Video Guide
Resume Writing Tips

You have 30 seconds to impress an employer with your CV. Most employers spend that long reading resumes. Try to make your resume short and ATS-friendly. Don't use too many colours in your resume.

Calls for interviews are also based on how complete a resume is. Recruiters won't be interested in your resume if it doesn't have essential details like skills, references, a career summary, etc. Also, you should always add the most recent information to your resume. Don't apply for a job that has nothing to do with your resume. Because applying for this kind of job won't guarantee that you'll get a call for an interview. Read the job description carefully and change your resume to fit the job you are applying for. When you apply for a job, include a cover letter with your resume. Personalize your cover letter, too, and show off your skills, experience, and potential to get the attention of recruiters. Make sure your cover letter isn't longer than one page. It could help you get more interview calls. To attract the Employer, be plain and direct.

While applying for a job, always demand a relevant salary in the expected salary section. Do company and job position research. Try to connect with people who are already working in that company. It will help you to match their salary expectations and increases your chance of getting an interview call from your desired company.,

Bdjobs Video resume increases your chances of getting interview calls. You can show your skills and experience visually and more professionally by uploading a video resume along with your CV. To have more insights and details, please follow these video resume guidelines:

Video Resume User Guide
Video Resume Video Guide

Best of luck!

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