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How to Use Keywords in Resume?

  • Mostafa Jaman Chowdhury
  • 12 Apr, 2022

Hello sir, recently I completed honors from mathematics. I do not have any working skills yet. To enrich my resume, what kinds of keywords should I use?

 Answer from bdjobs Bdjobs Answer

Dear User, Thank you for your valuable question.

A good resume is well-organized, stands out from the rest, and shows that you have the skills and qualifications listed in the job posting. Still, it's just as important to know how to use certain keywords and phrases in your resume to get the recruiter's attention and any keyword-tracking system they may have. If your resume keywords match the ones given in the job ad, you have a higher chance of getting an interview.

To choose the ideal words and phrases to include in your application, use the following advice:

1.Check job postings for the talents the business is looking for.
2.Examine job postings for the same position.
3.Visit the business' website.
4.Review the qualifications and working history of higher-level roles.

The recruiters or managers are looking for two main categories of keywords: Job-related skills and action verbs.

Job-related keywords describe your primary skills (both hard and soft) and your core qualifications for this particular job. Go through the job posting again and again. Find out the main focused skills that the company is looking for. Try to implement as many keywords as you can in your resume. Usually, job-related keywords go under your skills list. Job-related keywords examples are Computer Science, social media, Photoshop, Critical thinking, etc.

Action verbs, in contrast, display action: they reveal what you've completed and how you've succeeded in the past. So, when scanning resumes, search for both job-related keywords and action verbs. After you've identified all relevant keywords from the job description, it's time to include them in your own resume. Action verbs example: managed, developed, planned, maximised, etc.

Don't include keywords in your CV merely to have them there. It's not always mandatory to have work related skills to add in your resume, you can add your academic and other skills that you accomplished in your university life. They must reflect your actual abilities and accomplishments and be used in the appropriate context. Redundancy or a lie cannot be detected by an ATS, but a recruiter undoubtedly can. As a result, be truthful, accurate, and pertinent in how you employ resume keywords.

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