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How can I create a CV as a fresher?

  • Anonymous User
  • 1 Jun, 2022

Dear sir
I am a fresher job seeker. Recently I have completed my bachelor degree. I have no experience in any job.
at this situation, how can create a resume?

 Answer from bdjobs Bdjobs Answer

Dear User, Thank you for your valuable question. You can create your CV on Bdjobs. Resumes are still important in the present employment process, particularly in the corporate sector. While many media outlets and new businesses have begun to downplay or ignore the value of resumes, a strong and well-written one is your best chance to introduce yourself and make an impression on a stranger.
I'd advise a fresher to maintain their current CV and, if feasible, tailor specifically for the position they are applying for. Try to express your passion and support it with some concrete examples. Give links to your blogs or websites that you have created in your spare time, for example, if you're a web designer or blogger. Even though you won't have much or any work experience, having something on the side, like a blog or personal website where others can learn more about you and your interests, can provide you with some power. You can make a resume through our Bdjobs site. You can find step-by-step instructions in our create resume section. It will help you to build a strong CV. For more details, please Visit:

Create Resume Video Guide
Resume Writing Tips

Here's a checklist to check off before sending out your resume:

Check for any typing mistakes: Even if your CV is excellent, typing errors will turn hiring managers and reviewers off.

Well formatted: Don't overuse fonts. Use a maximum of 2 different fonts for the headings and descriptions. Use proper alignment.

Include web links: Personal website/ blog, Any freelanced work, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. No Facebook or Instagram, please.

Use bullets where appropriate: Bullets are easy to read and precise. Use them to highlight your achievements and high-value information.

Have it reviewed: Don't hesitate to show it to your friends and seniors to add/ remove any information.

Customize your CV before every application: At the begging of your career, you may apply for different types of positions to try your luck. Also, before ever applying, read the job description very carefully and find out the skills and keywords that the employer is looking for. Use those words in your CV. It powers up your CV position to the recruiter and maximizes your interview calls possibilities.

Video Resume: Bdjobs Video resume increases your chances of getting interview calls. You can show your skills and experience visually and more professionally by uploading a video resume along with your CV. To have more insights and details, please follow these video resume guidelines:

Video Resume User Guide

Video Resume Video Guide

Good luck.

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