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How can I change my career path from law to business?

  • Anonymous User
  • 15 Nov, 2022

I am a law graduate, But I want to transfer my Career to Business. How can I?

 Answer from bdjobs Bdjobs Answer

Thank you for your valuable question.

Lawyers have many vital skills that can be used in other jobs, such as strong verbal and analytical skills (oral and written). Lawyers are often the best at figuring out risks and negotiating, which are both very important in business. Depending on what you specialise in and how much legal experience you have, you also have specialised knowledge and skills that can be used in a wide range of other job settings. You can start your business career by following these steps:

Step 1:You're ahead of many people considering a job change since you know what fascinates you. But before you commit to a specific path, be clear on the type of business speciality that interests you: Finance? Marketing? Business Development?
Step 2:Choose your career option first and then apply to those job circulars that match your interests.
Step 3: Go through the job descriptions and requirements. Find out which one needs the least amount of business experience. Additionally, apply for internship programs to strengthen your resume.
Step 4:There are many companies who don’t bother about your subject field. Even if they pay low, you must remember that you must learn a lot to change your career path. So, don't think twice if you find a company that gives you more chances to learn but pays less. The job is yours. Grab the job.
Step 5: Present job market requires two essential qualities. They are networking and skills. Networking is a by default quality that you have as a lawyer. Now, you have to improve your skills regularly. Do a PGD course in business to improve your skills. In future, for promotion, you may need to do an MBA programme in the business. You can go to our e-Learning page for short courses.

We wish you good luck in your job hunting.

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