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How can I apply for jobs in international organizations?

  • Anonymous User
  • 28 Aug, 2019

I have completed my graduation in English Literature from SUST, Sylhet. I had my post-graduation on IR form the University of Dhaka. Currently, I am working for a Multinational Travel Agency in Dhaka and in this sector I have experience of 5 years. But I am not satisfied. Now my question is how can I use my post-graduation for my career growth? What are the sectors I can try if I want to switch from the travel agency sector? How can I apply for jobs in international organizations?

 Answer from bdjobs Bdjobs Answer

Hello user, thanks for your query.

International Relations (IR) is an interesting subject to apply to international organizations. Generally, popular International Relations degree jobs include diplomacy work, lobbying, political analysis, international law, and intelligence, etc. Pursuing a Master’s degree in International Relations will provide you with great insights into foreign affairs, public policies, international development, economic trends, social issues, law and many more. If you want to utilize your post-graduation degree in the job market, you just have to enhance your study and practice on the subject to have expertise on the subject.

If you want to keep your career growth outstretched based on IR, you can search for the following jobs in different international organizations:
1. Diplomat - Maintaining good relations between countries
2. Intelligence Specialist - Gathering state-critical information
3. Political Analyst - Explaining the political climate
4. Lobbyist - Promoting ideas to those who can make them a reality
5. Communication Specialist in a non-profit

Besides, you can also search for jobs in different international organizations as well as NGOs and other international organizations and can get involved. As you have a bachelor’s degree in English, getting a job in an international organization will be easier and you can find a suitable job for you. Search from the category ‘NGO/Development’ or ‘Research/Consultancy’ in the Bdjobs website to find prospective jobs. You can also search using the keyword ‘international relations’ or selecting the organization type ‘International Agencies’.

All the best.


  • Md Riaz Uddin
  • 6 Aug, 2020
  • 1:35:00 AM

Thank you sir to give the valuable information but i have a question. All the NGO and INGO want experience in this sector but i am fresh graduate and i have no experience, now my question is, How can i apply job without experience?

  • 31 Dec, 2019
  • 9:07:00 PM

I need a job emergency but how..??