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  • Anonymous User
  • 9 Sep, 2019

I am a B.Sc. Engineer (Electrical &38; Electronics) and also have some job experience in IT field as a network support engineer and for a short period as a programmer. Besides this, I have an extensive knowledge on Web Development Technologies.

But last year I quit my job because, I was conceived. Now I have a baby of only 8 months.
Could you give me any suggestion like that ---- Now I would like to do some development work in Programming script or Web related Jobs at my home or some sort of part time work. So that I can keep in touch with IT field Moreover it should be mentioned that this type of work I will do without any Remuneration.

 Answer from bdjobs Bdjobs Answer

Thanks for your query at You can get yourself registered at Part-time job section. Employers looking for part time resources are frequently visiting this section.

Best of luck.

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