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Pubic Administration

  • Anonymous User
  • 9 Sep, 2019

Dear Counselor,
At first I would love to thank specially you, then for giving us the opportunity of career counseling am a student of Pubic Administration, Rajshahi University. I have already gone for walk-in-interview several times. But they are searching for experienced one. They are asking me weather I am still working or not. Many times I try to assuring them that I am a confident chap and you can rely on me, because I have full confidence in myself. But I fail to understand them. I have 1-year experience in the arena of development organization. Please, Mr. Counselor, tell me what can I do now.
Thank you.

 Answer from bdjobs Bdjobs Answer

Thanks for your query. Don’t~ get frustrated. Employers always try to make choice from a number of worthy applicants. So why don’t you think yourself as one of the unlucky worthy applicants. May be your turn is just knocking the door. Best of luck. And one more suggestion, please give some more effort on your written English practice. It will help.

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