Which varsity gets preference in case of job market?

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  • 9 Sep, 2019

Dear Sir,
please advise me, which university I should choose for MBA. NSU is no 1, IUB is no 2, but which are the 3rd 4th? Please help me to know that. Which university I should choose? Is BRAC better than EWU or EWU is better than BRAC? Which varsity gets preference in case of job market? Please help me.

Bdjobs Answer


thank you for contacting career counseling section. Let me agree with you that all of the private universities you mentioned may be placed on above average standard of education.

Let me discuss some factors you might consider about choosing the best MBA Program.

1. I don’t agree with you about any #1 position or ranking. But I must agree that NSU maintains high standard of education and they have quite a satisfactory base of faculties. Same thing goes with BRAC, East West and IUB.

2. You might consider the tuition fees.
3. Waivers of courses
4. Credit transfer facilities.
5. Comparative advantage: on the basis of establishment, number of graduated students.
6. Classroom and faculty: student comparison.
7. Financial Aids
8. Admission test

The decision is certainly yours. You may visit the campuses physically as well as the website.

Best of luck in having the right decision.

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