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  • Anonymous User
  • 9 Sep, 2019

With the qualification of MSS in Economics what’s the best possible job offer that is limited by narrow growth?

After having MBA what’s the suitable job that assures enough salary, expected growth of status and proper working environment where I don’t have to sacrifice full time of life and in return I get handsome salary only apart from private banks?

Which sort of foreign company is involved with these sorts of offers?

What’s the qualification to have jobs in UNICEF,UNESCO or AMERICAN EMBASSY as a fresh one?

 Answer from bdjobs Bdjobs Answer

Thank you for your query at career expert panel.

We have understood your situation and please rest assured it’s not a problem at all as long as you think you can truly add value to any organization. It may be true that you will face difficulty to get job access to MNCs. But remember that’s not the end of world. There are so many local companies where you can better use and culture your knowledge. So why worry about MNCs rather tries for an organization that give your merit a proper value and remember keep your aspirations high! That’s what required being a successful careerist. Keep ambition to be a professional leader in a business organization not merely a salary-man in an MNC.

Best of luck.

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