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  • 9 Sep, 2019

What is the difference between CV and Resume?

Bdjobs Answer

Dear , There are two important differences between CV and Resume: length and place. The ideal resume length is one page. Sometimes, it can be two pages. On the other hand, an ideal CV length is two pages. Sometimes it can be three to five pages. CV is used everywhere except in America. Especially, Asian employers expect CV from their candidates.

The topics of an ideal resume are: Name and communication, Career Summary, Academic Qualification, Employment History, Training Summary, Specializations, Language Proficiency, Personal Information, and Special Achievements (if any).

An ideal CV consists of: Name and communication, personal information (optional), career history, education, publication/grand/fellowship, research and training, professional qualifications, certificates and recognition, awards and publications, extracurricular activities, books and articles, licenses and professional membership, skills, hobbies, references (optional).


  • A.K.M. Rashiduzzaman
  • 17 Sep, 2019
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"Practically there is no difference", this is true. But Curriculum Vitae (CV) is mostly used for academic jobs where applicant has to furnish the academic records, courses completed and publications of articles and books. On the other hand, the term "Resume" is used for all purpose jobs. Additionally, the term CV is more popular in British English and Resume is more popular in US English. That's what I have found . . . .

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  • 11 Sep, 2019
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CV is the short form of an applicant's information, where RESUME is the details form of that CV.

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  • 11 Sep, 2019
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Bdjobs থেকে এপ্লাই করলে কি কোন কম্পানি পায় এই সিভি... এত এপ্লাই করি তবে কোন কম্পানি ডাকে না কেন?

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