Changing Career Track

  • Mehadi Hasan Sohel
  • 14 Oct, 2019

I completed my Honors and Masters (MSS) in Sociology. In my academic career, all are first class. But in need of a job, I have been working for three years in Sales & Marketing at a reputed company in Bangladesh. But I'm having trouble getting it done. I want to change my job. How do I get my subject-related job? How can I change the marketing profession? How can I change Career Track?

Bdjobs Answer

Hello user, thanks for your query.
As your educational background is Sociology but your job experience is completely in a different sector. If you apply for the Sales and Marketing sector, you’ll get better jobs. But as you want to change your career track, you have to start over. You can search for jobs using the keyword ‘sociology’ from our website. There are plenty of jobs specifically for sociology students.
All the best.

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