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About additional course requirements

What additional courses (like CCNA/Linux/UNIX etc.) should i complete to get a good job in the telecommunication field?

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Short Courses

  • Anonymous User
  • 29 Jul, 2019
  • 180 Viewed
  • Training

Presently I am studying English Honors from Jaipuria College, Kolkata. This year I will give my PART-I exam. The thing is that after graduation I don't want to do any higher studies. But I want to do a job. But I don't know as to which job will suit me or for which job I will go for. As I am studying English Honors which is not a technical line, will I get any permanent job? Please suggest me that can I do any short term courses now such that after graduation I can get a good job. Actually I am really very confused about it.

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Course Requirements

  • Anonymous User
  • 29 Jul, 2019
  • 170 Viewed
  • Training

Hi there,
What additional courses (like ccna/linux/unix etc.) should i complete to get a good job in the telecommunication field?

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Training institute Address

  • Anonymous User
  • 18 Jul, 2019
  • 165 Viewed
  • Training


I have completed HSC level. I want to build up my career in Hotel Management and Tourism. Please send me an address where I get training on the subject mentioned above.

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Course Suggestion

  • Anonymous User
  • 20 May, 2019
  • 193 Viewed
  • Training

I have just completed my 4-Years Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering. I know the programming language C strongly but none others like that. Now I am looking for a job. And I want to learn some other short courses that may help me to get a good job. What are the courses that I should go through?

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