Top Cover Letter Mistakes Tips

Make sure you don't commit any of the following errors. Some of these are obvious mistakes while others are easier to miss. But they all have one thing in common, you should avoid them at all costs!
  • Address the letter to a name: "Dear Sir" If you can't obtain the information by calling the company, use a title: "Dear Advertising Manager."
  • Sending a form letter.
  • Attaching a Post-It Note to the resume in lieu of a cover letter.
  • Forgetting to sign your cover letter.
  • Including personal information that is not pertinent to the job you're seeking: "I haven't worked in eight months and I really need this job."
  • Including personal statistics more suitable to a dating service than a job: "Single, Catholic, male, who enjoys bungy jumping in my spare time."
  • Confessed shortcomings ("I know I don't have the experience you're looking for…").
  • Mismatching company information; you send the letter to ACME Corporation but it makes reference to ABC Insurance.
  • Food stains or grease marks on the paper or envelope.
  • Incorrect spelling of names.
  • Handwriting the cover letter instead of typing it. Unless you are requested to give handwriting cover letter.
  • Failing to enclose your resume.
  • Messy corrections.
  • Stapling instead clipping the cover letter to the resume, which causes undue hassle.
  • Ignoring a request for salary requirements when the ad specifically asks for it. You don't have to name an exact figure, but do include a range.
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